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Today, I choose Joy

Somewhere in 2020, Joy became a regular part of my life. I spent more time outdoors, connected with an old friend via the app Marco Polo, took more photos, painted a bunch of rocks (and mini watercolors), organized and re-organized my studio, and created The Rainbow Labyrinth with help from the neighborhood. There was more, too, but in a year marred by a global pandemic, I found that Joy was more and more a part of my life. Prior to 2020, I knew I liked to create, but didn't have a daily practice. There wasn't anything that called to me to do daily - in spite of having a space dedicated to my practice. Then, in sometime in March, the idea came for The Rainbow Labyrinth and with it so much joy. Joy in color, joy in being outdoors and moving my body, joy in interacting with neighborhood kids and joy in tidying up the area where the labyrinth lives - making it beautiful and welcoming. The next thing I knew - I wanted to paint rocks all day everyday - my joyful daily art practice was born. In August, I started three month long online art course via It introduced me to the joy of watercolors and mixed-media and art instructors with new ideas and a community to share my work with. Somewhere along the lines, my authentic self has emerged, or at least the closest I've ever been to that authentic self. I am content and joy-filled more than I've ever been. What brings you joy? How can you cultivate it to make it part of your daily life?

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Mar 03, 2021

Wonderful! Your joy is infectious! ❤️👏

Kat Miner
Kat Miner
Mar 03, 2021
Replying to

Thank you, Debbi! That is always my goal! To "infect" others with my joy! 🤗

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